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Weekly Grocery Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! Happy Tuesday everyone and I hope you had a great weekend. Since I had a chance to get out of the house and actually to work, I picked up a few things at the store. But before we get started, remember to click subscribe so you don’t miss another Foodie Fun 🤩

Alrighty, so before I share this grocery haul, my childhood best friend who did my wedding pictures has her own blog now. So check her out and book your photo sesh with her today!

And here we go! This was a combination trip between Albertsons and QFC.

Grocery Haul
  • Wild Patagonian Pink Shrimp – this is steel whenever it’s on sale at QFC. QFC only carries this so I was so lucky to be able to get another bag of those to chuck in the freezer.
  • Lime – for the fish tacos we had on Friday night and it was the perfect garnish
  • Kroger White Corn Tortilla – I didn’t really plan for fish tacos so I didn’t buy these during the Fred Meyer Military haul but since I change my mind about what I was going to do with the rockfish for dinner. We decided to do fish tacos instead so I needed corn tortillas
  • Cabbage – I’ve been out for a while and we needed them for the fish tacos. However there was no red cabbage today so we went with the green cabbage
  • Chobani Flips – mint chocolate chip flavor for the hubs so he has a little bit of a treat for his yogurt since he’s been only doing fruit smoothies with his blended vanilla yogurt lately
  • Chobani Plain Yogurt – For me since I like like the unsweetened plain yogurt better when I mix in my homemade granola into my yogurt parfaits for breakfast
  • Bell Pepper – for stuffed peppers for dinner this week
  • Cucumber – we’ve used up the one that we had in the fridge so it was time to replenish
  • QFC 2% Milk – $.87 as advertised in this weeks advertisement. We just used up the last of the milk so I bought it for back-up
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – we were going to do smoked ribs over the weekend for dinner and we thought we were completely out of apple cider vinegar. But I forgot that I bought some during Fred Meyer military day so oops we have another bottle in the pantry

And that’s a wrap! Let me know in the comments below what you picked up for your grocery hall this week. This was just a filler hall since military day will be coming up next week so we didn’t really buy much and we’re going to try and eat what we have at home since we’re going on vacation at the end of the month stay tuned for where we’re going. But in the meantime, we need to eat what we have in the house. Until then…signing off!


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