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Aldi Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! Happy Thursday everyone and we’re almost to the weekend. I was able to get majority of next week’s items at Aldi again; just a couple of miscellaneous items that weren’t available so I’ll go pick those up at a later date. I’ll be sharing what we’re planning to cook/use each item as always. So remember to click subscribe so you don’t miss another Foodie Fun 🤩

Alrighty! And here was the Aldi haul!

  • Watermelon (in the back behind Hubby’s cup) – Hubby’s request. I’ve only been wanting grapes and berries lately but if he cuts it up I might eat it
  • Red Seedless Grapes – my go-to snack every week. I just pack 1/2 cup and eat it on my way home when my blood sugar drops when I’m driving
  • Mini Cucumbers – I’ve been using a lot of these minis lately whether it be salads or dipping it in my salmon or chicken dips
  • Blackberries – my berries for in the morning at breakfast
  • Eggplant – planning to make Beef and Eggplant stir fry
  • Avocados – I’ve had a weird craving for mashed avocado with cream cheese and hardboiled egg. I might make sushi rolls since I did but the crab meat
  • Yellow Squash – for tonight’s veggie with Meatloaf and Mash.
  • 5# Red Potatoes (not pictures, already in pantry) – for mash as well as some of the huge ones could be used for baked potatoes. Also planning to make Japanese potato salad next week with Japanese Fried Chicken
  • Frozen Broccoli – for when I don’t have veggies to put in my lunch, I’ll steam something from frozen and add it
  • Strawberry Greek Yogurt – and I decided to try what they had at ALDIs. Hope they’re not too sweet
Meats and Pantry
  • Chuck Roast – it’s a big chunk so I’ll divide it 2-3 times worth. Definitely the Beef and Eggplant stir fry but I haven’t decided anything else. Might just freeze the rest…
  • Pork Steaks – for a dinner next week. We’ll sous vide them and give it a good sear with the cast iron
  • Beer Brats – for the weekend. It seems like the previous owners left me a grill so we’ll see if it works if not I really like the cast iron with grill marks that they left me that I can use on the stove top
  • Imitation Crab – we’ll see how much sushi rice I can tolerate but I might make my own sushi with this. If not, crab and cucumber salad for a side dish
  • Eggs (not pictured, in the fridge) – eggs for the week. I’ll probably make a batch of scrambled eggs with bacon and waffles over the weekend
  • Shells and White Cheddar – for some dinner ham next week
  • Black Beans – I haven’t bought dry beans yet so I bought a can for my salads next week
  • Mini Croissants – I got a croissant craving and we already made salmon salad sandwiches with them. They were yummy!

And there we have it! Let me know in the comments below what you picked up at the store this week and until then…signing off!


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