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Dietitian Picks at Panera Bread!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! Happy Thursday everyone and we’re almost to the weekend. Another week just about gone and today I’m finishing my last leg of my road trip after a 5-day rest at my in-laws. I got to catch up with one of my good friends and we had some lunch at Panera Bread. So before we get started remember to click subscribe so you don’t miss another Foodie Fun 🤩

Alrighty! So currently I’m tying to stay away from deli meats unless they’re completely cooked so sandwiches were definitely off limits. Unfortunately majority of the choices at Panera are sandwiches with deli meat. I ended up doing the Pick 2 and did a small salad and soup. My choices for the sides were apple slices, a baguette or yogurt.

Chicken Caesar Salad, Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Soup with Yogurt

I have to say this Pick 2 meal had the perfect portion sizes and I was able to eat just about everything and ended up taking the yogurt home. I’m sure the yogurt was normally reserved for kids but I happily consumed the yogurt later for an afternoon snack. Normally I would order the French Onion Soup but today I was feeling the Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. It was my first time having it but it was pretty darn good. I would go for a bowl of this in the future. Now, obviously sodium content isn’t the greatest anytime you eat out but if you’re only occasionally eating out, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing to order at Panera Bread and until then…signing off!


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