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Weekly Grocery Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! Happy Saturday and I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Today’s a grocery haul post since we’re back from vacation and we need to put stuff back in the fridge! But before we get started, remember to click subscribe so you don’t miss another Foodie Fun 🤩

Alrighty! So I shopped at both Fred Meyer and QFC since I didn’t get everything I needed at one store. Everyone’s shopping so both places were out of things so I was able to get them at the other store.

Fred Meyer
  • Kroger Frozen Chicken Breasts – $5.97 with a digital coupon. I’m going to cook off a few of them and make salads for next weeks lunches
  • Kroger 100% Apple Juice – for the Ham Steak last night and I’ll keep this for when we smoke Ribs and also Christmas Ham later this month
  • Tillamook Double Cheddar and Italian Blend Rustic Cut Shred Cheese – I had a coupon for 50 cents off if I bought 2 so that’s exactly what I did
  • Kroger Baby Carrots – we still have hummus left so I got some more for snacking
  • Light n Fit Greek Yogurt – I actually bought this one at Albertsons next door to my work and I had a digital coupon. I was completely out so I’m glad I got some
  • Oikos Blended Strawberry Yogurt – I had a free coupon for this so yay!
  • Kroger Plain Green Yogurt – I hadn’t made my homemade granola in a while and I like my granola with plain yogurt. I happened to find one with a reduced tag for $0.39. Score!
  • Avocados – for bear enchiladas on next week
  • Tomatoes – so if you haven’t seen Frugal Fit Mom (, you’re missing out. She says to go look for the bagged reduced produce and you’ll score big if you can get tomatoes or bell peppers. I got all these tomatoes for $1. Thanks for the time Frugal Fit Mom!
  • Bananas – I got some not too ripe bananas for snacks to take to work
  • Zucchini – broccoli and cauliflower were advertised as $1.99/lb but so was zucchini so I went for it. I might have gotten more portions than 2 meals but I got what I wanted 😂
  • Zespri Golden Kiwis – I haven’t found a golden kiwi that I didn’t like and I haven’t had any in a while I so I went ahead and bought a pack
  • Darigold Two Percent Milk – I gave away the last one to the BFFs since she was out. I’m going to be meal prepping breakfast burritos so I needed some milk for the scrambled eggs
  • Kroger Sliced Mushroom – one for my salads that I’ll meal prep and one for church since we’re going to have a luncheon this week and I need to make a vegetarian soup

And there we have it! I’ll still be using what we’ve got in the house already and supplement anything we need. Let me know in the comments below what you got in your haul this week. Until then…signing off!


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