Being an Awesome Consumer

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~ and we’ve made it halfway through the week, which means almost to the weekend. Today’s post is a bit different because I want to talk about being an awesome consumer. Before we dive into the topic, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss a Foodie Fun!

Alrighty! So behind the scenes of your favorite brands is a team of researchers trying to come up with better products for consumers like each and every one of us. This means that usually on any product that is a packaged item, there’s usually a phone number or a website and they encourage you to have open conversations with your favorite brands. Some brands have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you don’t like it, the company will want to make it right. Not just your favorite brands but also if you have an issue at a restaurant, write to their website or answer their survey and give the restaurant feedback.

Here is what typically happens and these examples just recently occurred.

First off, I opened a box of macaroni and cheese from Annie’s the other day. Nothing was particularly wrong until I saw the powdered cheese packet. There was a slit in the package where it shouldn’t have been and it was spilling the cheese powder from inside the box. This means it was a quality issue because one of their machines potentially slashed the package by mistake. I wrote to Annie’s on their website and after a few business days, I received an email back from one of their team members appreciating the fact that I took the time to let them know of a potential machine malfunction that they could look into it. Additionally, they were committed to customer satisfaction so they offered to send some coupons in the next few business days.

Second of all, since my Trader Joe’s soy creamer is currently discontinued, I did my research online and saw that my soy milk brand, Silk, carried a soy creamer and it was sold at Target. I bought the soy creamer and gave it a try but since it was the vanilla flavored soy creamer, it was a bit sweeter than what I expected and it wasn’t to my liking. Sure enough I gave Silk a call while sipping on my coffee. I explained to the rep what had happened and she was more than happy to send me a few coupons and send my feedback to their R & D team. She even offered there was an original version of the soy creamer and if whatever store I went to did not carry it to speak to their dairy manager to see if they can get a special order of it into their store.

So definitely don’t be afraid to voice your opinions to the brands you love. Starbucks is always good at responding as they are always looking for feedback on anything the store/company provides. I’ve gotten gift card from restaurants like Red Robin and Cheesecake Factory when I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the service I received. This way they can improve their team training, food quality etc.

And there you have it. Unfortunately no pictures today but definitely if you have feedback about your favorite brands, do communicate with that to them and be an awesome consumer. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve written to a company before and what was the outcome of it. Until then… signing off!


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