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Easy Meal Hacks!

Hello friends and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! It’s Wednesday so we’re half way through the week and onward to the weekend 💪💪💪 before we dive into today’s topic, don’t forget to subscribe to ~Foodie with a Passion~ so you don’t miss another foodie Fun!!

Alrighty! So today’s blog post is about easy meal hacks. Basically, what shortcuts can you take to still get dinner on the table. We have a couple examples today so let’s get rocking 😆

Fish Tacos

First hack today is Fish Tacos. If you have the time, you want to bread and fry/air-fry/bake the fish. But when you’re tired or don’t have the time, just heat up some fish sticks. While you are doing that, get your other ingredients ready. In the picture above, we have shredded cabbage, lime wedges, can of beans (and leftover from when we did something else), corn, (frozen so just reheat, or canned works perfectly fine), guac (1.5 avocados, S&P, lime juice), cheese, sour cream and salsa (not pictured because I forgot to pull it out). You can prep all of this while those fish sticks are cooking so dinner can pretty much be ready within 15-20 min.

Instant Chicken Pho

I love pho. Aside from Udon noodles, this is comfort food for me. Along with a few other Asian foods. Do I want to spend so long purchasing ingredients and cooking the broth or even just shoving them into the Instant Pot? No. But do I live close enough to even get takeout pho? No. Now obviously eating instant foods isn’t the best because it is high in sodium but I don’t eat it every day so I let it slide. Eating just a packet of pho is just empty carbs so I like to add a stir fry to put on top. When I eat out at a pho restaurant, I always get the beef pho but when I’m at home, I always have chicken pho packets. Stir frys can be made literally in seconds and topping it on the pho makes instant noodles a well rounded meal.

So there you have it! Let me know in the comments below, what are your meal hacks? Until then… signing off!


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