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Trout Fishing Adventures!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! As promised, I went trout fishing on Sunday and after praying for three nights in a row, I caught my very first fish 🎣 and I’m felt so proud of myself. And not only that, I caught a second one so we had dinner 🍴

First Ever Trout!

Look at me so excited 😆 this was taken right after I reeled in my first trout. Also, these Blue Light Glasses are UV 400 so they are better than sunglasses. I bought them off Amazon since I work in front of a computer all day but they are good for driving and the outdoors too. I learned how to kayak during the course of my fishing experience. This was my third time on a kayak!

Posing with my Catch!

This was me posing in front of our house with the two trouts I caught. And thanks to my boyfriend, he cooked it on the smoker/grill.


I like the way my boyfriend cooks trout. We put lemon slices and butter inside with rosemary and dill and then cook it on the grill. Rosemary was fresh from our herb garden and my dill wasn’t mature enough yet so we borrowed some dill weed from our neighbor. Also in the picture is my homemade potstickers 🥟 since I made enough to freeze over the weekend.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been fishing and what you caught. Until then… signing off!

2 thoughts on “Trout Fishing Adventures!

  1. I fished all my life so I guess you inherited my love for fishing. My biggest catch a 43.5 chinook salmon. This iscyour oma.😘🤩


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